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For K-9s & Felines

For K-9s & Felines, LLC is a holistic pet food and supply store and gentle grooming salon dedicated to the health and happiness of your pet!

            *** Yankee Village Plaza, 45 Southwick Road, Westfield ~ 413.572.0055 ***

We only carry all-natural and holistic foods and treats and our supplies are made with quality, most of them made right here in the USA!  In addition, we offer our products at competitive prices.

What makes us different from other pet food stores?  Knowledge, quality and compassion!  We understand the importance of nutrition as it relates to a carnivorous diet.  Dogs and cats are carnivores!  We have guidelines that must be met and our standards are high!  This is why you will not find national or grocery branded foods in our store.  We will not jeopordize your pet's health by selling inferior products.  It does matter and we truly care about your pet!

We want to help you have a healthy and long-lived pet.  Nutrition is the most important.  In fact, without it, everything else fails (skin/coat/weight/disease, etc.).  Also important to your pet is adequate exercise, training and mental stimulation.  We stock training aids as well as interactive and durable, long lasting toys.  Finally, we provide gentle grooming to keep your pet clean and free of allergens, parasites and mats.  For that which we cannot offer, please see our Links page to the left.

Holistic, compassionate grooming ~ Our grooming salon offers your pet a private appointment and is groomed start to finish in a low-stress environment utilizing gentle techniques.  We use premium, natural products so that your pet looks and feels it's best.  In addition, we attend numerous educational seminars throughout the year so you can be assured your pet is in knowledgeable and safe hands. Our groomer (the owner) is an AKC Certified Groomer and certified in pet First Aid/CPR. She is also on the Board of Directors for the New England Pet Grooming Professionals and is a Director of a newly formed grooming organization, the American Professional Pet Grooming Association.  We will do nothing to jeopardize the health and well being of your beloved pet.  For more information on our grooming services, please click the Grooming tab on the left.  Thank you.

So please, browse our site and visit our store and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!  Thank you.

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[Updated 05/14/2023]