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HOLIDAY CLOSING - Each year, we close between Christmas and New Year's Day for inventory, maintenance and to enjoy the holidays with family.  This year, as Christmas Eve falls on a Tuesday, we will be closed that day as well.  We will be open longer on Saturday, December 21 (until 5:00 pm) to accommodate additional grooming and retail purchases.  Please be sure to plan your pet food purchases accordingly as we don't want you to run out of food while we are closed. Thank you so much!  [Dec. 7]

2020 pre-booking is complete and the book is now open to everyone to schedule appointments.  We will start calling clients the week of Dec. 10 to advise them of their first appointment of the year.  We'll provide them with their schedule then, but they can pick earlier if they choose.

Any client who would like us to book out their grooming appointments for the entire year please register by November 1, even if you've been on the list prior.  We need to go over your current schedule and make any changes, if there are any.  We do not assume you're renewing, so please let us know right away.  Booking is made in order of frequency then seniority. 

The benefits of yearly booking help keep your pet on track with his grooming care and have guaranteed holiday appointments.  By keeping your pet on a regular schedule, it will help keep his grooming costs down (or at least avoid excess charges for matting or behavior).  Knowing your appointments a year in advance should eliminate short notice cancellations.  Unfortunately, we are still having an issue with that although it is significantly better!  We ask that you please record these appointments where you record your other important appointments.  It is easier for us to reschedule in advance and keep you on schedule than on short notice.  Additionally on short notice, and depending on the season, we may have to cancel that appointment and wait until the next one, which can cause extra charges.  So please let us know well in advance of any changes so we can help you and not wait until three business days before.  We greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter! 

We added a week off in the Spring.  Please note we will be closed the week of March 19.  Thank you.

CAT SPAW DAYS!  While appointments for cats can be flexible throughout the week, we have designated select days to be CAT ONLY spa days.  We will not book nail trims for dogs on those days as we want those days to be cat friendly and DOG-FREE.  The following dates are designated for cat spaw days (please note they are all Wednesdays):  January 23, April 3, June 5, August 7, October 9 and December 4. 

These days are in high demand, so book early!

On February 5, 2018, I was elected as an Officer of a newly formed national grooming association, the American Professional Pet Groomers Association.  This organization will be announced at Intergroom in April, 2018.  We are very excited about this new organization as it will be have a large legislative component. I am humbled to be with some big names in the grooming industry!  Our Board of Directors consist of:  President - Susan Sholar of the AKC (NY); Vice President - Joey Villani, of Nash Grooming Academy (NJ) and some of you may know him as a Judge in Groomer Has It; Secretary - me!; and Treasurer - Dara Forleo, owner of Dara's Paw Spaw and The Whole Pet Grooming Academy, a NH accredited grooming school.  Other Board of Directors include Mario DiFante, world renowned show judge of (RI) ; Jacki Panzik, owner of Riverside Grooming (CA) and Connie Celenza of Connie's Pet Styles (AZ).  We are very excited about this organization! 

Based on the premium services that we offer, we are restructuring our pricing and will have an increase effective January 1.  While grooms are still based on breed, there is a minimum hourly rate which must be achieved.  I've written an article to help explain why our salon necessitates a higher cost. There is a printed copy on our counter at the store and it can also be found as a Note on our Facebook page.  There are two Notes actually, one for the 2017 increase and one for the 2018 increase.  You can easily access them by clicking on the hyperlinked year.

For K-9s & Felines, LLC offers your pet a private appointment in a low-stress environment using gentle techniques. We use premium spa products to maximize the results of the groom; our tools and equipment are high quality to help achieve better and faster grooms and they are maintained regularly. We belong to eight national and international grooming associations and attend educational seminars throughout the year which allows me to keep up to date on new products and techniques, safety issues, etc. I am an AKC certified groomer and have a certification for Pet First Aid/CPR.

We hope you will agree that our services are invaluable to you and your pet! And we thank you so very much for all of your wonderful referrals and reviews. They mean so much to us!  :-D

On October 15, 2017 I was honored to be elected to the Board of Directors of the New England Pet Grooming Professionals (NEPGP) association! I am passionate about the grooming industry and the education of groomers, so I am humbled of this honor and excited to be a integral part of this wonderful organization!!!

Effective July 1, 2016, we have become For K-9s & Felines, LLC.

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