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For the health and safety of your pet (and the groomer) and due to our business model, it is important that your pet stay on a regular grooming schedule so that he can be trained properly, maintain a proper coat and stay within his allotted grooming appointment.  We are accepting new clients who will meet these parameters.  However, we do have the following limitations:

  • Puppies should be seen after their second booster (12-14 weeks) even if they don't get a haircut so we can start training them to accept grooming.
  • Dogs requiring haircuts must stay on a schedule of eight weeks or less (or as recommended by the groomer)
  • Dogs must be table / grooming trained
  • We will not accept dogs over six months old who have never been professionally groomed or adult dogs who don't get groomed regularly.
  • Due to medical issues, dogs must weigh less than 75 pounds (or who will be at maturity) and must not be considered morbidly obese.
  • Due to medical issues, we are unable to groom those dogs that are labor extensive.
  • We are no longer accepting new pets over ten years of age.
  • We cannot accept any pet that bites or needs special handling.  If a muzzle is required, we will refer out.
  • As our Saturdays are almost fully booked for the year, we cannot accept new clients that will need Saturday appointments.

If anyone has any questions regarding these, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  Thank you!