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Every store carries plush toys and although we have a small assortment of plush toys on hand, our focus is finding toys suitable for chewers.

Therefore, we carry the Tuffy's and Mighty's toys, the strongest plush toys on Earth!

Ruff Dawg products are rubber toys that are very strong and durable and they float! They are also made in Worcester, MA!

Interactive dog toys are a must for dogs that need a lot of attention or exercise.  A bored dog can become destructive, so keep him busy with an interactive toy such as a Busy Buddy or a Tricky Treat ball.  We have many interactive toys to choose from!

Don't forget the kitties!  We do have an assortment of cat toys, such as balls, mice, teaser wands, laser pointers (which dogs love, too!) and cat scratchers.  And don't forget the catnip!  We have organic catnip and catnip toys.

We have a display of Yeowww! brand catnip treats.  This is a green company here in the USA.  They utilize organic catnip in their 100% catnip stuffed toys (no stuffing) and use vegetable dye coloring - no synthetics!  Cats love them (and so does our dog)! 

The above mentioned are just some of the brands we stock; however, we do have a much larger variety in the store for you (or your dog) to choose from!