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Our line of spa products is by Earthbath.  Founded in 1995, this all natural product was developed and is manufactured in California using only the safest, finest ingredients found in nature.  Earthbath's products are totally natural, non toxic, paraben free, phthalate free, and phosphate free.  They are made with human-grade ingredients and pure essential oils.  There are no artificial colors or fragrances in these products. Earthbath is pH balanced for your pet and gentle enough to use daily.  Since it is soap-free, it will not wash away spot-on pest products.

In addition, we have other grooming supplies such as combs, brushes and nail trimmers, etc.

We have tick pullers, flea combs, flea traps and, although the only products we carry that are not natural, flea/tick collars, carpet cleaners, foggers and spot on treatments. 

The only flea and tick collar we stock is the Seresto collar for dogs.  We do not have any flea or tick products for cats at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience!

If you are looking for an all-natural product to deter pests, you may be interested in Dr. Bob Goldstein's Internal Powder.  This is a food supplement. I've been using these products on my dogs since 2007 to much success!  For more information as to how this product works, please stop by.

Dental care is very important to your pet's health.  We stock toothbrushes and gels and we also have the full line of Tropiclean Fresh Breath.  To see the product demonstration, click HERE

While it is great to keep your pet clean and pest-free, sometimes your pet may need extra care.

Allergies can wreak havoc on your pet's system, especially their skin.  The itching can cause excessive licking which can lead to hot spots.  We do have products to relieve the itch as well as those dreaded cones (e-collars).

Finally, we do offer products for behaviorial issues.  Whether it's marking territory, fear or aggression, we have pheromone products to help.