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Products by:  Forza, Health Extension, Bocce's Bakery, Caio and Darford!

The lines of all natural food that we currently stock include:  Abady, B.F.F., Dave's (95% canned), Earthborn Holistic grain-free, Forza (Legend), EVO, Health Extension (canned), Natural Balance (cat canned), Precise Holistic (canned) as well as frozen raw food by Whole Earth Farms and Steve's Real Food.  These brands are all natural using human grade meats, fruits and vegetables and contain no rendered by-products, chemical preservatives or artificial flavors or dyes, etc. 

* Due to limited space, we do not carry the full manufacturer's lines.  Please contact us to see what we have in stock and if we do not stock it, we may be able to order it for you.

We have a large variety of treats!  Crunchy, chewy and natural body parts!  Again, our treats are made with highest quality ingredients and naturally preserved with no rendered by-products, dyes, or chemical preservatives.  We offer our customers packaged treats as well as open stock/bulk body parts (bully sticks, moo tubes, etc.).

We carry many brands of natural dog and cat treats, including but not limited to:  Abady, Alaska Naturals, Barkworthies, Bocce's Bakery, Bravo, Inaba Ciao Cat, Charlee Bear, Cloud Star, Darford, Etta Says chews, Earthborn Holistics, Grandma Lucy's Organic, Health Extension Nutra Nuggets, Earth Animal, Grizzly Pet Products, Himalayan Chews, IMS Cadet, Merrick, Natural Balance, NPIC Puppy Teethers, Polka Dog, Real Meat,Snicky Snacks, Tucker's jerky, Vera, Whimzees, Zukes and frozen treats such as Answers Rewards and Yoghund frozen yogurt.